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This is wrong, XCP-ng is the last open source version of XenServer, with numerous changes that are not at all in XenServer. It is it's own product now. I perhaps worded that wrong, yeah it is a separate product now but it's original code base was from Xenserver.

Have not had any issues with either in the last few years, and the best part is that with  7 May 2018 Both KVM+QEMU and XCP-ng are viable type-1 hypervisors. 3. 7 Nov 2018 XCP NG? I see a lot of post where Proxmox is recommended. Then I also saw post where people are using hyper-v.

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From an operational perspective, there is no visible change in the UI or API – XCP-ng 8.x hosts can be added to CloudStack during zone deployment or by using […] intially I went to the server and checked ufw logs and saw it was blocking traffic from the xcp-ng VM ip of on port 111, which I had blocked (I followed a guide that said to unblock port 2049 for nfs). I unblocked 111 as well but it didn't seem to change anything And no XCP-NG is not on the same storage as the VM, at least not right now. In the process of testing XCP-NG and wanted to try moving a few servers over to it to see if I'm better off just creating fresh server installs or migrating servers from physical to VM. Jan 05, 2021 · PXE, also known as Pre-Boot Execution Environment, is an industry standard client server interface that allows networked computers to start an operating system using a network. XCP-NG 7.6 or 8.0 on Apple Xeon Servers?

Trying to get XCP-ng installed on a box of mine and it goes through the normal setup process just fine, when I get to the part to select RAID I do so by selecting 2  

Reddit xcp-ng

Some users are confused about the two. In this post, I will illustrate you the main differences between UEFI and BIOS by giving you a UEFI vs BIOS, and show you how to convert MBR disk to GPT to support UEFI boot mode. Oct 31, 2019 · Sometimes Microsoft befuddles me. Scratch that.

23 Oct 2019 Last week I built an XCP-ng + XOCE stack on the Optiplex.

Reddit xcp-ng

Warning - this ended up longer then i wanted lol. Hope it helps. I just went through a change up as well. Complete design flip going from 2 servers running similar specs and having FreeNas store VM to going to using local Raid card for VM storage and giving up some vmotion options. Oct 09, 2018 · This guide goes over how to Create iSCSI SR on Xen to connect to an iSCSI target. Here is the step-by-step and a video walkthrough, which includes setting up iSCSI in FreeNAS. Oct 21, 2020 · XCP-ng (an open-source hypervisor based on XenServer) has been supported in CloudStack for some time, and support for XCP-ng 8.x will be available from CloudStack 4.15.

Reddit xcp-ng

They just updated it and have it working really nicely! There is also Software RAID available I believe during setup. XCP-NG also supports Software FCoE and iSCSI/Fibre Channel. I am interested in XCP-ng, but got a bit worried when this sub has got so few members.

Reddit xcp-ng

The command line stuff is all completely identical, and the XenCenter stuff is all pretty similar to XCP-ng as well. level 1 Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit: [r/selfhosted] XCP-NG or qemu If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. (Info / ^Contact) Hoping someone here with some XCP-ng experience can help me out with a couple issues I've been having. Recently decided I was going to turn my entire virtualization environment into XCP-ng, I love the feature set it has and I've seen nothing but praise, yet I am here stuck on installation and stuck setting up VMs. A lot of folks just praise how good XCP-NG is. The thing is that from the moment I've installed firs virtual machine (Windows 7), it felt very sluggish, like it had some old HDD, everything worked really slow, also the speed of the internet war awful, I have a bandwidth of 300 Mb/s and with Windows 7 on XCP-NG I just got 80Mb/s. Alright all, I'm exploring my options.

Aug 02, 2018 · I tested both ESXi 6.0 and XCP-ng 7.4 (XenServer forge) last week and i can confirm that the performance is just a bit towards ESXi. XCP-ng = 96Mbits vs 101 Mbits ESXi. tested with same server, Switch, Windows 10 VM, with same files. I decided to go XCP-ng for being completely free and able to backup VMs. Feb 23, 2021 · XCP-ng is therefore based on solid and recognized foundations. Vates’ objective was to take advantage of its expertise and strong involvement in the open source world to bring to the Xen Project what it has always more or less lacked — a community of active users using and contributing to the project, a financial investment in order to innovate on the solution and to reinvigorate the Xen What marketing strategies does Xcp-ng use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Xcp-ng. for SMB applications with small numbers of servers Hyper-V is the best deal since standard licenses have a 2 VM entitlement so yo ucan install Server with Hyper-V role then install a DC and a member server.

Reddit xcp-ng

Or are you at the main forum ? Comparison of … XCP-ng is a Xen Project incubation project XCP-ng virtualization platform is a Xen Project incubation project hosted in the Linux Foundation.XCP-ng aims to be the bridge between the users community and the developers and is the default entry point for any user. Learn about Xen Project Success Story - From Kickstarter to Datacenter XCP-ng (an opensource fork of Citrix XenServer) allows us to run pFSense in a Virtual Machine (VM) which allows us to setup periodic backups of said VM via cron-jobs from within XOA (Xen Orchestra). Since these are coupled to a FreeNAS backend, all backups are stored securely in ZFS. Downsides to this approach @jcpt928 said in XCP-ng and NVIDIA GPUs:. essentially bars you from using anything modeled higher than a 1030; That's good news to me in a roundabout way. I'm doing some reading/reserach on the GT 1030 DDR4, which has the right mix of low power and recent-enough CUDA cores to make it viable for my setup.

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14 Aug 2018 Proxmox or XCP-NG, I've been thinking of replacing ESXi with XCP-NG recently as well. 5. Share. Report Save. User avatar. level 1. FelR0429.

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